Megan Redwood

My name is Megan Redwood and I have been a staff Academy Counsellor for oneyear. I have been part of Summerhill Academy since 2012, when I was fortunate enough to be appointed as an NQT. I now teach a year 5 class and have responsibility for leading our Line of Enquiry curriculum. My passion for improving outcomes for all children is why I love my job!

Rory Leadbetter

My name is Rory Leadbetter and I am a year 6 teacher at Summerhill Academy this Academic Year! I am also running the Pupil Council for the school after taking over from Sarah Franklin at Christmas 2015. I  joined Summerhill Academy on the back of completing a BSc Degree in Psychology at the University of Nottingham in 2014. I am now currently completing my NQT year. I have moved to Bristol from Birmingham and have absolutely loved the school, the city and teaching experience thus far! My passion for teaching stems back to my parents, where both my mother and father, as well as my older sister, all began their career teaching primary around Liverpool and Birmingham. Since joining the TeachFirst programme in June 2015 I have not looked back, and I am looking forward to seeing what else awaits on this teaching journey!

Pete Franklin

Peteis incredibly proud to work for Bristol City Council (BCC). He left Patchway High School in 1981 and has dutifully worked at BCC for over 30 years, his speciality is performance management and strategy.  He took an interest in governance of schools when his daughter, Hollie, was at Summerhill Junior School in 2004.  In the ensuing years he has chaired many Board meetings in 4 other educational settings and was personally invited by the Secretary of State to chair an Interim Executive Board to turn around a failing school.

In 2012, Pete was pleased to be instrumental in moving Summerhill Junior School into the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF).  Since then, he has never shied away from asking the difficult questions and will continue to do so in order improve performance across the CLF.  He believes that a solid governance framework, within the CLF, will reap huge benefits for the most important people; the children.

His annoying attention to detail and hate of tardiness is probably a direct result of the time he spent working in the Royal Artillery, as command post NCO.  He is also a great believer that properly planned meetings should start and finish on time!

Ebrima Bojang

Ebrima has significant experience of NHS finance, having worked in Primary Care Trusts, Acute Trusts as well as in a Foundation Trust. He was previously Management Accountant for Primary Care Services, Trust Headquarter Service (Finance, Estate, Human Resources, Estate and Facilities and IM&T). He also worked as Assistant Accountant for a Mental Health Trust with Learning Disability, Psychology and IAPT, and Drug and Alcohol services in his portfolio. Ebrima enjoys working on his own initiative, managing complex situations and working as a team.

Miranda Motley

Miranda is a secondary school teacher of Modern Languages at Clifton College, where she has been working since 2014. Prior to this post, she completed her training with Teach First, working in an Academy in challenging circumstances in Kent. Miranda is passionate about Teaching and Learning as well as staff and pupil welfare. She is also a keen musician and has a strong interest in extra-curricular opportunities for young people. She has been living in Barton Hill since 2015.


Hanifa Tazaoui

I am a mother of three teenage children and have taught in schools. I am therefore interested in educating young people to take an active positive and successful part in education. I am fully committed to improving education standards for all students regardless of background and ethnicity. Also my background in law, will enable me to serve effectively as an Academy councillor because I work within the framework of justice and fairness to all.

Louise Davey
I am the parent of 2 children at Summerhill Academy and a 3rd who is at Summerhill Infant School. I believe that every child has the right to learn in a safe and enabling environment that recognises their individuality and supports them to realise their potential. I have joined the Academy Council because I want to support the school in providing this to the children of our community.
I work part-time as a counsellor in the NHS and am training as a counselling psychologist. This reflects my fascination with the ways that children and adults grow and change, and my belief in equality and social justice. I previously worked in ethical finance for 7 years and before that taught English in Japan. I hope that this mixture of experience, together with my insight as a parent, will enable me to support Summerhill Academy in being a place where all our children can flourish.  

Thomas Hope

Thomas moved to Bristol to attend university here about twenty years ago and has never left.  He lives in St George with his wife and two young sons and is a member of a local church, where he has helped run Sunday school classes for over ten years.

He is a former solicitor and has practiced in a Bristol based firm and in-house.  As a result, Thomas has experience of working in commercial environments of various organisational sizes and structures. He now works for Lloyds Banking Group.

Thomas is passionate about helping people achieve their potential and believes investing in children is the best time to do it.



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