Summerhill takes the safety of the pupils, teachers and parents very seriously.  It is everybody’s responsibility to act if they feel that a child is not being cared for properly or is being put at risk.  If you suspect that a child is at risk or being harmed please contact either Mrs Rees, the Designated Safe Guarding Lead or Mrs Dunbar.   Any conversations will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

To ensure that our children are kept safe in school we complete full DBS checks on all adults working/volunteering in school and regularly review our safeguarding procedures.

If you would like more information about keeping your child safe then please look at the following links:

If you need to talk to someone in Bristol local authority regarding concerns about a child then please call First Response on 0117 903 6444.

They are also able to offer a range of support services for families regarding  your child’s behaviour to a problem related to domestic violence. They are also able to support children who need to talk to someone about things that might be worrying them.