Welcome to the Summerhill Academy website.  I was appointed to the role of Principal at Summerhill Academy in January 2018 and we are currently on an exciting academy improvement journey.  The website will provide you with information about Summerhill, however should you wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact us info@sa.cabot.ac.uk. Visits are warmly welcomed.

Summerhill Values

In January 2018 the entire team at Summerhill Academy developed our values

Care and Include
Inspire to Aspire
Support and Trust

These values underpin our ethos which also embeds the Cabot Learning Federation ‘Heart’ Values.

Summerhill Ethos

Summerhill Academy strives to meet the needs of all the children through a caring and inclusive approach. ‘Think like a Learner’ and ‘Learning Gems’ approaches are having a positive impact on the learning behaviours of the children and have helped to create an encouraging atmosphere. These approaches are used alongside The Thrive Approach to support the children’s emotional and social well-being. Helping all members of our community to flourish and to take ownership of their behaviour and learning comes from the culture of support and trust across the academy. Summerhill has five Thrive practitioners and the Principal is a Thrive trainer. Summerhill Academy uses the Mastery Maths approach, high quality texts to support English learning and has an enquiry based curriculum, which uses key questions to stimulate learning across the curriculum. Over the next year we are looking to develop high quality teaching and learning which inspires our children to aspire.

Learning Gems

Children are awarded different Gems for displaying positive learning behaviours.

Diamond – for problem solving and taking responsibility
Sapphire- for focus on the task and ignoring ‘monster distractions’
Emerald- for resilience and being able to learn from mistakes
Ruby- for supporting others
Topaz – for co-operating and collaborating with others 

The academy works closely with parents and carers through parent forums, a fund raising group, class assemblies followed by stay and learn sessions and open afternoons where parents can come and see the school in action.